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Create a gorgeous ornament like an artwork
With extraordinary craftsmanship
Blend fashion and elegance
Traditional color with Oriental luxury pulp
Jade run the world, the king of stone
Exquisite jade pendant
Good jadeite pendant, its kind of water, color, and moistening degree are all good, can be called fine The formation of jadeite needs thousands of years of continuous accumulation The process is long and not easy

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品名:Melon Pendant
寓意:Blessing melon, homophonic "blessing hanging", meaning to hang good fortune on the body, people all pursue to have good fortune, wearing "jade blessing hanging" on the body, is a good omen of happiness and auspiciousness. Feicuifu melon is the most common and the first jadeite ornament. Its name is mainly because its shape is full and mellow, and it is very similar to the fruits we eat in our daily life, so many times, we call it feicuifu melon.
品名:Emerald Bracelet
寓意:The smooth and round Bracelet symbolizes the smooth and happy life, peace and happiness
品名:Leaf Pendant
寓意:Girls wear more, the moral is gold, representing the girl noble, beautiful, wisdom. Symbolizing the meaning of life, hope, honor and success, it is a collection of positive meanings in Chinese traditional culture.
Boys also wear "leaf" homonym "Ye", so it has the meaning of "great cause has success". It describes a person who has a successful career and can be promoted step by step.
品名:Buddha Pendant
寓意:Feicui Buddha, carved with Maitreya (Sanskrit Maitreya), is a free translation of Tzu Shi, transliterated as meigeliya and meitali medicine. It is one of the eight Bodhisattvas of Buddhism and the successor of Sakyamuni Buddha. It is often honored as Maitreya and the originator of the school of idealism.
Flowers are not flowers, dreams are not dreams
The jade is exquisite and hand carved
I just want to meet you at the right moment
Lasting and new

Jade was used by ancient people

In the process of selecting stone manufacturing tools for tens of thousands of years

It is a special kind of ore with social and precious properties confirmed by screening